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by Rollye James
Claude Hall

Rollye:  “The Georgia Radio Hall of Fame’s 2016 Career Achievement Inductees include Vic
Aderhold, Harry Beadle, Matt Caesar, Johnny Gray, Bob Harrison, Bobby Pope,
Condace Pressley, Bill Sanders, Ben Sandifer and Dan Vallie.  Congrats to one and all.  And
thanks to John Long for keeping their memories (and the memory of so many others) alive at
the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame.  Not a member?  $25 gets you a lifetime membership, and a
lifetime of memories. Click here. ”

John Holstead Texas Radio Hall of Fame:  “We are near capacity for our big party on October
29th in Ft. Worth at the Radisson Hotel/Fossil Creek.  Fewer than 30 tickets remain.  (You can
purchase them right now here: )   Have a fascinating and fun afternoon with your most recently
elected inductees, their stories, your friends, a fantastic lunch and a major announcement as we
celebrate our 15th anniversary where it all got started:  Cowtown! 

“Here is the list of honored inducted this year:  Gary Lee Love, Henry ‘Pepsi’ Pena, Jon
Dillon, Ron Parker, Mark ‘Hawkeye’ Louis, Patti Rodgers, Jay Jenson Sr., Johnny
Hooper, Jim Lago, Rudy Rocha, Eileen Pace, Weaver Morrow, Trey Ware, Wash Allen,
Dudley Walker, Dan Mason, George Schank, Glen Ivey, Donna McKenzie, Dave Ward,
Steven O. Sellers, and Dewayne Dancer. Do not hesitate to reach out with questions at

1958 KTSA promo photo of Ricci Ware

Rollye:  “Ricci Ware is a previously inductee in the Texas Radio Hall of Fame (and, of course,
in the San Antonio Radio Hall of Fame as well— click here for a short bio ).  As Woody
Roberts says, ‘Legend is the right word,’ when it comes to Ricci Ware who died Friday at 79. 
The disc jockey turned talker was likely to say anything on the radio and people loved him,
and loved to hate him, for it.  My favorite line from the obit on MySanAntonio.com is from
fellow KTSAer Bruce Hathaway: ‘He shouldn’t be dead. He and I should just now be getting
out of prison for all the fun and happiness that we had.’ 

“Elevators are among my least favorite things. I am not a happy camper when I’m stuck in one,
and I’m sure I’m not alone.  But here again, Joey Reynolds is different from most of us.  He’s
downright jubilant.  Joey and Art Vuolo made sure to preserve the otherwise dicey moments in
three youtube videos.”

Here’s part one:

(Can’t see it?  Click here.) 

Here’s part two:

(Can’t see it?  Click here.)

Here’s part three:

(Can’t see it?  Click here.)

Cary Pall:  “Good news! I now have my very own adopted kidney...and it's working great!
About six months before I'm 100%, have to stay away from any place where germs are
rampant (I guess I'll have to move out...not really, that's a joke, son). How funny could it be if
you have to tell someone that, eh? Anyway, hoping to get back to work, maybe second quarter
of next year.

“Loved the stuff about J. Robert Wood. He is one of the best programmers ever. CHUM was a
habit when I lived in Rochester, and whenever I went to visit my dad (he lived about an hour
outside of Toronto on the Niagara Escarpment. CHUM did search the world over for talent;
they even called me once when I was at KWK in 1979, but nothing ever came of it. At that
time, I was driving a station wagon that had a 1050 chum sticker on it. (Yes, it was lower case
in those days.)

“I just spent about an hour removing the pops and clicks from "The Frog" so that I can use it
on air someday (I did a garage show on a local station here for about three years). Bobby
[Reno] was my PD at WNOE-FM. Great guy. He will be missed.

“A friend of mine asked if there were a way that he could will his memorabilia from his years
in radio to anyone. I told him there was the Museum Of Radio Broadcasting in Chicago, but I
didn't know if they needed stuff as trivial as station music surveys, old bumper stickers, etc.
Any ideas for him?”

Rollye:  “Hearing about Cary’s new kidney is the best news I’ve had all month.  His sense of
humor has been intact throughout the long ordeal, and I’m so pleased to know the rest of him
will be back to his old self soon.  I can relate to taking out the pops and clicks by hand for
hours on end.  It’s the only way to do it with old 45s.  Computer rograms guaranteed to do it
for you, don’t— at least not in the way you’d want.  The frustrating part comes when after
spending several hours restoring something obscure, I remember I’ve got a much cleaner copy
on CD.   Just happened this weekend with 'Foolish Me' by The Harptones.  (CDs are iffy with
old stuff— horrifying when they’re ‘remastered’ but even left alone, I sometimes hear more
glitches than are on my original vinyl— but when you find a good one, it’s a big time saver.) 
I’ve been doing a lot of that lately as I ready our AM to become “None of the hits, All of the
Time,” obscure soul and R&B based— and no, I don’t expect to monetize it.  It’s just a project
that keeps me going as I make it through the drudgery that accompanies radio station

“This week it literally kept me going.  I had a medical emergency.  As words like ‘sepsis’ were
bandied about, and liver enzymes that should have been in the 2 to 40 range came back in the
thousands, the prognosis sounded dire.  My only thought was that I hoped to live long enough
to convert the AM.   Looks like I will.  The problem turned out to be blockages, which—  with
what had to be divine intervention— cleared before the docs did anything draconian to me.  No
one knows why it happened, or why it resolved and everyone seems be concerned about what
else they’ve seen on the tests, so I know I’m in for a lot of drives to Phoenix, 90 miles away.  
My prediction is it’ll all be fine.  (And it’s still a walk in the park compared to what Cary so
valiantly has been handling.)  But more than ever, this column will be a reflection of your
efforts.  I’ll do everything in my power to get it to you every Monday but how it reads will
come down to how much you contribute, especially in week’s when I’m not able to add much
of  my own thoughts— then again, that might make it better.  

“As for what to do with old radio memorabilia, Cary’s friend is not alone in wondering.  My
go-to guy is David Gleason at AmericanRadioHistory.com  I’m not sure if he ever wants to
expand to surveys and the like, but I’m pretty sure he’ll have some suggestions on where to
send them, if he’s not interested himself.   The site is packed with radio gems, and while he’s
still lacking a few issues of publications of the past, it’s shaping up to be a complete repository.
With David’s passion, maybe he will be branching out further.  David?”

Bob Walker:  “Thanks for pointing out the dead ‘Ice Man’ link.  I have re-linked it and it is live
now. For a record that shows “Not For Broadcast” on the label, it certainly has gotten very
popular thru the years, and still is.  I have just added it to my YouTube channel New Orleans
Airwaves, which I am building into another treasure trove of New Orleans music.  Here it is
for you:

(Can't see it?  Click here.)

“Enjoy.  And thanks again for letting me know about the link.  I enjoy your newsletter and look
forward to it every week.  You make me feel so young …”

Kim Diamond

Bob Walker continues:  “I don’t remember if you received the news of Kim Diamond’s
passing on September 20 in New Orleans.  She worked in Biloxi, Lexington, WTDR Charlotte,
WVVE Panama City, Detroit, KFRC San Francisco, and New Orleans at WEZB-97 and finally
on WLTS LITE 105.7.  She also used the name Patti Steele and Casey Daniels in other
markets. [Here’s the obit.]

Woody Roberts:  “Re my remark, 'this most mudslinging of modern presidential campaigns,' I
came across this....   Printed in the December, 1870 issue of Galaxy magazine. ”

Rollye:  “I suggest you put this column on hold and read it.  It’s Mark Twain’s account of why
he pulled out of the governor’s race.  Not only does it prove that nothing’s new and nothing
changes, but it shows a level of creative mudslinging that the current candidates haven’t
considered.  Among the baseless charges Twain faced was a newspaper account accusing him
of burning an insane-asylum to the ground, complete with inmates, so his home could enjoy a
better view.”

Woody Roberts continues:  “When at WPOP in Hartford, Lee Baby and I went to visit Mark
Twain's home.  The old house was intended to have a kind of riverboat attitude from the
outside and in the basement was the typesetting machine [aka compositor] in which Twain
invested so heavily and went broke.

Claude Hall:  “I’ve been there.  Barbara and I and the two kids went had at the time -- John
and Darryl.  Did you note the closet for the telephone?  We also visited his "study" in Elmira,
NY.  Barbara's master extended paper was on the young Samuel Clement.  I did the final draft
that earned her a degree from Columbia.

Mark Twain House

Claude Hall: “The security at the airports and various places is providing employment. Seems
to be we bomb countries and wonder why they want to get even!
“The natural order is to be paid for positive contributions, however quite the opposite as we
make money on failure,  There is profit in political dog fights, military moves, repos, reverse
mortgages, parking tickets, leg room on emergency exits on airlines, law suits for wrongful
behavior and unreasonable behavior, tolls on falling bridges and highways,  we are in a money
world and have turned people into currency.  If you really think about it the Mercedes logo is
an upside down peace sign.”

Rollye:  “Or maybe a right side up peace sign with an extra spoke, but as lore has it, it was a
copy of a three pointed star on an 1872 post card sent by Gottlieb Daimler to his wife,
indicating the location of his house in Germany.  In 1909, about a decade after Daimler died,
his sons recalled the card and Daimler’s note on it predicting that one day the star would shine
over his factory bringing prosperity, so they used it as the company’s logo.

“Echoing Claude’s sentiments about our foreign policy, bombing isn’t always the worst part.
Rebuilding can be insidious.Take Iraq, which had some of the finest seeds on the planet.
Maybe I’m surfing too many conspiratorial web sites, but I’ve read it repeatedly over the
years— that part of the rebuilding pact forced Iraqi farmers to use Monsanto seed products.  If
that’s true, the long term effect might eclipse any damage caused by direct attack.  But on to
happier things…

“I got Joey Reynolds’ package from Chocolate Works!  It was supposed to arrive when Claude
received his shipment, but being that this is truly the hinterlands, it took an extra week.  It was
no worse for wear and worth the wait.  What a sweet treat— not only the contents (most of
which I’ve frozen for Christmas treats since I don’t expect anyone to be baking cookies for
me), but especially the sponsorship— Chocolate Works is one of Joey’s advertisers on his new
WABC/KABC Sunday night show.  Thanks to Leslie Kelsner from Chocolate Works for
getting the goodies to me.”

Mel Phillips:  “Continuing to highlight the events that made headlines in 1967, this week:
post-WRKO launch date of March 13.   In March, British model Twiggy makes her U.S. debut
and WRKO News Director Roger Allan is seen here interviewing her. Also during the month,
the Supremes play the Boston Arena, followed by the Doors in April...

“The World's Fair (Expo 67) opened in April in Montreal, Muhammad Ali refused military
service and WRKO presented The Beach Boys in concert... 

“Coming back for our 50th Reunion:

          Al Gates                            Joel Cash                            J.J. Jeffrey                      Chuck Knapp

      Arnie Ginsburg             Bobby Mitchell                    J.J. Jordan                   Mark Rivers (Driscoll)
                                         (Frank K. Smith)

“And many, many more:

Reunion dates to remember:
Friday, June 2, 2017 6 pm:  Reunion Dinner in the Crowne Plaza (Newton) Charles Ballroom 
            Jordan Rich (WRKO, WBZ) will emcee.
Saturday, June 3, 2017 7 pm - 11 pm:  Live on WRKO & Backbone Network streaming
(produced by George Capalbo Jr.) featuring a lineup including Al Gates, Joel Cash, J.J.
Jeffrey, Chuck Knapp, Arnie Ginsburg and other WRKO Radio Greats.
          Art Vuolo will video tape the reunion, a copy of which will go into the National Radio
Hall of Fame in Chicago...

“Reservations for rooms at the Crowne Plaza (Newton) Check-in Friday (June 2) Checkout
Sunday (June 4). Call 617-969-3010 and ask for special "WRKO Reunion" rate of $159 per
night (tax not included). You'll pay about $175 after tax but more if you park your car at the
hotel. We suggest using a cab or car service getting to the hotel and while staying there.  We'll
see you there in less than 8 months.”